Club Rules

  1. All prospective members are to be directed to the membership officer.
  2. Prospective members must complete three qualifying day tramps to the leaders’ satisfaction, within three months.
  3. Appeal process: if a prospective member objects to the decision by a leader about the qualifying criteria, they may do so in writing to the Committee.   After an opportunity for all parties to be heard, the Committee shall uphold the objection only if a majority of two thirds of the Committee present at the meeting agree.
  4. All members must become thoroughly familiar with the Equipment and Safety provisions set out in the Members’ Handbook.
  5. All members must be financial.
  6. Any subscription more than three months overdue will result in loss of membership.
  7. Any member resigning must do so in writing and outstanding monies must be paid in full before the resignation is accepted before the next AGM.
  8. All members must respect Club equipment and private property. Club beacons used for private use by Club members must be maintained or repaired at the user’s expense if activated or damaged whilst being used.
  9. All members undertake to comply with the leader’s reasonable requests and must assist the leader in every way.
  10. A leader has the responsibility and right to refuse anybody they consider for any reason may not be able to cope with the conditions.
  11. All leaders’ decisions must be made in the interests of the party as a whole with safety being paramount.
  12. Permission must be obtained from all landowners or authorities.
  13. No Club trip which involves staying out overnight can be undertaken without the leader lodging an intention form with either the coordinator of the base camp and backpacking program or the monthly overnight tramps organiser, or their designated substitutes.   The intention form to be used is found on the Club website under the members section.
  14. Leaders on all trips, involving staying out overnight, must carry a locator beacon.   In addition, a mountain radio or satfone may also be taken.
  15. Leaders on day trips must obtain a locator beacon.   The exception being for tramps on the flat land areas within the Christchurch City boundary or on the City side of the Port Hills provided a cell phone is carried and that there is certainty of good coverage.
  16. All huts or accommodation must be left in a clean and tidy condition.
  17. All fires must either be extinguished or left safe.
  18. On all tramps members must carry a Club health card, a first aid kit and be clothed and equipped as required under the Equipment and Safety section of this Handbook.   The leader must be made aware of any relevant medical condition of a member and also the location and use of any relevant medication.

The committee reserves the right, at all times, to enforce the rules and regulations of the Club, and to take appropriate action as it deems necessary.