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Weather advice

When Tramp Leaders first start leading tramps a constant worry is what to do if the weather forecast is “iffy”. In other words, if the weather forecast is not clearly bad enough to cancel the tramp but at the same time it doesn’t look good enough to inspire confidence that it can still go ahead.

Here is weather information to guide your decision. Weather Websites and Windspeed

Tramp Leaders should first look at

Weather websites, e.g.


River flows


Wind Speed

So we have formed a group of 3 people who are available to be contacted during the days leading up to a tramp who will be available to have a chat about what to do and alternative tramps, if that is a possibility:

Gavin Hampton on 03 343 1291.

Peter Moore on 027 773 1670.

Kaye Young on 03 329 6187.

Tramping on Private Farmland

The OFTC sometimes tramps on private farmland in which case permission usually needs to be obtained from the farmer. Please always refer to the information on the Tramp Map Database for details.
Here are some possible ‘speaking notes’ for a tramp leader’s communication with a farmer. Tramping on Private Farmland


Every month our Beacon co-ordinator Peter Oliver compiles a Beacon Bookings spreadsheet. On some tramp days, usually at the Yaldhurst petrol station, all the beacons can be booked in advance. So if you plan a trip at short notice and want a club beacon, contact Peter first and also if any leader wishes to collect a beacon from an outlet other than the one advertised as the tramp departure point, also please check with Peter 027 438 5082.

Further information about the care of Beacons can be found here Beacons – how to care for and use them

Overnight Tramp Intentions Form

Overnight Tramp Intentions Form to be completed for all Club overnight and private tramps if taking a club beacon:
The committee has decided that any club member who borrows a club beacon for an overnight tramp whether a private tramp or a club tramp completes the form and emails it to Gerald Edmunds on agedmunds@outlook.com

He will then forward it on to the three club members, who are responders if the Rescue Coordination Centre gets in touch, when one of the club beacons is set off.

Secondly, on private tramps, club beacons may only be taken for tramps of 1-6 nights and are subject to availability

Click to download

River Crossings

Knowing when not to cross the river is as important as knowing how to safely cross a river. River crossings are where the majority of fatalities happen in the back country. Here are some instructions on how to safely cross the river.

Club equipment

The following Club equipment is available for members to borrow:

  • Emergency tent: John Hayman 335 0984 (This tent may be useful for backpacking trips)
  • Emergency Shelters (4-6 person Bothy Bags). The Club has three, which are held at the Belfast Z garage, Yaldhurst Mobil garage and Z Service Station, Barrington Street, opposite the mall.  Excellent for groups.

Books: Ian Fussell 385 0856