Day Tramps


Club day tramps are offered each Wednesday and Sunday. They are published in the monthly newsletter, Going Places and contain the information outlined below.

Title and area subtitle: eg Mt. Cass – East of Waipara.

Grade: day tramps are graded from 1 (easiest) to 5 (most challenging). To determine grading, leaders consider the required fitness level, amount of elevation, the planned pace, the distance of the tramp and the type and steepness of the terrain.

Grading also enables members to make a decision based on their own abilities, previous experience and whether they think a tramp would over-extend them. In general, trampers should not attempt a tramp that is more than one grade above tramps they have done.

If you are unsure about your ability regarding a particular tramp, ring the leader, the Club captain or a tramp planner.

Grade 1

Up to 4 hours, easy pace, on tracks, undulating terrain.

Grade 2

4 – 5 Hours, moderate pace, primarily on tracks, will include hill work.

Grade 3

5-6 hours, moderate steady pace, may be off track, less than 1000m vertical gain

Grade 4

6-8 hours, steady pace, mostly off track, more than 1000m vertical gain, some technical issues i.e. rock ridges or scree. Or, may not have technical difficulties and just be a long way.

Grade 5

8+ hours, steady/fast pace, off track, significant vertical gain and technical difficulties i.e. exposed ridges, route finding. Very good fitness level and tramping skills required.

Contact the leader if you have not tramped this grade previously.

Note: Especially for Grades 3/4/5, winter weather conditions i.e. snow/ ice will result in tramps being re-graded to reflect those conditions.

Terrain: eg tracked or untracked, open country or bush, gradient or elevation, likelihood of snow, ice or river work and other features.

Cost: based on kilometres travelled, calculated as 4 persons per car and at a rate set monthly by a member approved by the Committee. Each driver should receive equal payment, irrespective of the number of passengers. Members joining the group at places other than the designated Christchurch meeting spots, eg Springfield and Amberley, are entitled to have $10.00 deducted from the full transport cost.

Time: indicates the time away from base or vehicles and includes all stops, i.e. from start to finish of the tramp.

Meeting: place and time.

Leader: name and telephone or cell phone number. Members are encouraged to consult the tramp leader if additional information or clarification is required. All tramps Grade 2 and above are qualifying tramps for prospective members. Club tramps are for members or prospective members only, except that visiting trampers may join the trip, provided pre-trip approval from the leader is obtained.


Times are calculated from car park at the start of the tramp until return to the car park. They are also approximate and vary according to eg weather, conditions encountered, number of trampers, etc. Tramp times will include normal breaks and lunch.

Vertical gain or cumulative elevation gain refers to the sum of every gain in elevation throughout the entire trip. Vertical gain and the length of time of the tramp are the most important values in assessing the grade.

Some tramps will stipulate “ice axes and crampons required”. On these tramps all trampers are required to carry these and to be experienced with their use.

Please check out Personal Equipment list.