Joining the OFTC is Simple

We like you to do some trips with us before joining, so that you can get to know us, and we can get to know you.

To join the OFTC Inc you must complete three qualifying club day trips to the leader’s satisfaction within three months and pay an entry fee of $30. Qualifiying trips are Grade 2 or above.

For three months you will be sent Club newsletters which list the Wednesday, Sunday and other tramp options with leaders’ names, phone numbers and meeting places. Easier trips are listed first.


The procedures for joining US are:

Step 1: Contact the Membership Officer, who will obtain your address so that newsletters, club information and an application form can be sent to you.

Use the “Get in Touch” form below to contact the Membership Officer.

Step 2: Choose and complete three qualifying day tramps from the newsletter, within three months. For these three trips, you must contact the leader before the trip to let them know you are coming and for information about the suitability of the tramp for your fitness level. You are advised to choose easier qualifying trips initially to build up your fitness.

Take the application form with you on each tramp and show it to the leader prior to the start of the trip. After you have successfully completed the tramp, the leader will then sign the form.

Step 3: When you have done your three qualifying trips to the leaders’ satisfaction and within three months of your first trip, send the application form to the Membership Officer and direct credit the $30 joining fee to the OFTC account. Your application will be considered by the committee and upon approval, the Club handbook, the FMC Safety in the Mountains booklet, a pack name tag the password to the website will be forwarded to you together with an invoice for your subscription.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the membership officer or any committee member.