What we do

The OFTC (Over Forties Tramping Club) is a Christchurch based club, drawing members from all over NZ. It holds a wide variety of tramps, ranging from leisurely to very challenging. To clearly indicate the fitness level and effort required for our tramps, we use a grading system: from easy Grade 1 through to strenuous Grade 5. Club members think of tramping as a great way to meet people of a similar age group with a common interest in the environment.

Throughout the year the OFTC organises Day Tramps for members  on Wednesdays and Sundays, as well as Backpacking of overnight and longer duration. These trips are predominantly within Canterbury. The OFTC also holds regular Base Camps all over New Zealand where trampers stay at fixed accommodation for a number of days and do a variety of day tramps from this base.

Have a look at Guidelines for tramping to see our expectations of each tramper and what a tramper can expect as to how we organise and run tramps.

The OFTC is a voluntary organisation and is reliant on many of its members volunteering their time.For the long-term health and viability of the club, it is important that we have a constant supply of new Tramp Leaders. There is an expectation that all new members will be encouraged to lead tramps when they are ready.

Monthly newsletter

Going Places the club’s newsletter, is published monthly.

It contains notices of upcoming trips, trip accounts, training courses, photographs and other items of interest to members.


Members can use the club’s OFTC Facebook page as an informal way of sharing photos and general information that isn’t necessarily club-related. It is a great place to advertise and find gear for sale, information about non-tramping trips e.g. bike rides, and more.

Club meetings and Social Events

Club Nights are run every second month. These give members an opportunity to mix with each other
and hear from speakers on a wide variety of interesting topics. The AGM is held on a Club Night.
Other social events include a Christmas party, Mid Winter Nosh, and Quiz nights.

Club projects

The club is involved with a planting programme in Bowenvale Valley. It is also committed, in
partnership with DOC, to a number of track restoration, maintenance and development projects.

Club history

The Club was the first of its kind to be formed in New Zealand and arose from the view that there was a need in the community for a leisurely style of tramping for the mature person.
In December 1977, Valda and Bruce Hodges inserted an advertisement in the Christchurch suburban newspapers. Forty replies were received, and from this enthusiastic group of people, the Over Forties Tramping Club was formed. The inaugural meeting was held on 15 March 1978, at which the Club’s constitution was presented and adopted, and officers and a committee were elected.

Affiliated to the Federated Mountain Clubs (FMC) 

OFTC is a fully affiliated member of FMC, giving OFTC members access to the FMC quarterly publication and the FMC Discount Card.

The FMC has a number of roles. It promotes tramping safety and skills. It is an advocate for trampers’ rights of access to public lands, and promotes the sound management of recreation in the natural lands and waters of New Zealand