Check at least once each year that use-by dates have not expired and other items are still useable.

  • 2 disposable latex gloves
  • 3 small skin cleaning swabs
  • 1 Elastoplast dressing strip (7.5cm x 1m)
  • 4 non adherent sterile dressing squares (50 – 100mm)
  • crepe bandage (50 – 100mm x 1.5m), or Coban bandage
  • scissors, tweezers, needle, safety pins
  • 6 Bandaids, assorted sizes
  • 8 Paracetamol tablets
  • antihistamine tablets for stings
  • personal medication
  • notebook and pencil (not ball-point)
  • a roll of strapping tape
  • cramp medication, eg salt or cramp stop
  • wound pressure dressing, eg small sanitary pad
  • soluble aspirin (for chest pain)
  • antiseptic (eg Savlon cream or Betadine)

It is a Club rule that a first aid kit be carried in your pack at all times.

Consider loading the Red Cross First Aid app on your Smartphone.