Responsibilities of Membership


  • To be fully aware of your current capability in choosing a trip. Trip leaders may see your expectations differently from you so please respect their decision.
  • To be fit and properly equipped for the trip of your choice.
  • Read and be guided by the FMC booklet Safety in the Mountains.
  • Be willing to be led and to be a cohesive part of a group.
  • Offer assistance when necessary and be aware at all times that others’ strength and experience may not be as great as your own.
  • Show consideration for others and concern for the group as a whole. To be first and fastest is not as important as taking time to enjoy the environment.
  • Respect the views of others and endeavour to foster a friendly, caring attitude.
  • Respect landowners’ requests and property.
  • Endorse and abide by the overall objectives of the Club as set out in the Constitution, the Rules and the Guidelines in the Handbook.