Base Camps

A Basecamp is setup when a group of trampers locate into an area some distance from Christchurch, with the aim of doing a number of day tramps. They typically run for 3-7 days. It is a great way to get to explore new territory and get to know others. Basecamps are characterised by superb cooking and fun evenings. Accommodation can be anything from shearers quarters to holiday homes, lodges, and camping grounds. Tramps are graded using the Day Tramp system.

For a base camp to be considered a club trip, it must be advertised to all members and follow all Club Guidelines. Acceptance of participants will be at the discretion of the leader. Preference will be given to full members, but anyone in the process of qualifying may join the group at the leader’s discretion.

After deciding on a location for the base camp, investigate the accommodation options and availability, with pricing, to suit the group. Gather information on tramp and activity options. Consult with club captain and base camp and backpacking co-ordinator to ensure your plan is acceptable. Once approved, liaise with backpacking and base camp co-ordinator to have the trip advertised in Going Places. Ensure the grading of proposed tramps is made clear.

Liaise with participants re expectations, meal plans and transport. Costs and chores will be shared equally between participants. Communicate the arrival, departure, accommodation address etc with participants.

On a daily basis, follow the Guidelines for Leaders – Day Tramps.